Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Peak Around The Corner!

So, this is obviously the first entry I have done on here. I figured since I am relatively new to PCC and the people that are mostly going to be reading this blog are from PCC, I should give a little history about myself.

I was born and raised in, no not west Philadelphia, but Fremont, CA. I have a very big family, in large part to do with my step family. My parents got divorced when I was two, so my stepmom Alicia is really a second mom to me because she has been around for as long as I can remember. I have two older sisters, Hannah (23) and Sarah (25), as well as a step sister and two step brothers. I am the baby of 6!!!! You will come to find that Hannah and I are extremely close. I don’t do much in my life without her advice and she is referred to as my real mom quite often. With the 5 older siblings come nieces and nephews, which I hold close to me. I have 5 nieces and 2 nephews, and one more on the way in September. Family is a big aspect of my life, and I can’t wait to have one of my own. I went to school at Fremont Christian from 2nd grade through my freshman year. I was never pushed nor had self motivation to do well in school, so all those years I skated by and never excelled as far as grades go. I’ve got the brain, just don’t like to use it 24/7. Because of my grades, I was, for lack of a better term, kicked out of FCS and sent to live with my mom in Arizona to finish out my high school. Although I was heartbroken by leaving and having to start fresh, I feel the change was completely in God’s plan. My mom and I got to spend the time that she always dreamed of when all three of us lived with my dad instead of her. I got to meet hundreds of new people at my massive, 1,300 students per grade, high school. While at this school, the lack of motivation continued and I constantly had to retake classes, putting me back a little. I was originally supposed to walk with the Class of 2006, but had to wait till summer of 2008 to get my diploma. But, to the delight of my entire family, it finally came and now I’m off at Foothill Community College to get the general education classes out of the way in order to transfer to SJSU in the spring 2010. Not quite sure what I’m going to study once I get there; still listening to hear what God has for me beyond school.

Enough about the story part of my life!!! If you were to peek into the big heart of mine, you would feel many emotions by what you saw. Although I don’t have any bitterness towards the divorce of my parents, I always wonder where my life would be if they would have stuck it out and made ends meet. I honestly don’t think I would take that life over the one I have. The family that Alicia, my stepmom if you don’t remember, brought with her has become my family. My step brothers and sister have become close like blood siblings. The places I’ve been and where I’m going would be completely different. I most likely wouldn’t be sitting in the PCC pews every Sunday. For this I thank God as often as I can, because I know he made that divorce into something amazing and for His glory. Growing up with three sisters and essentially two moms comes the territory of being a bit of a softy, which I’m perfectly ok with! I am a huge movie buff, and have hundreds upon hundreds of DVD’s at my disposal at home. Being a softy, I have come to enjoy “chick flicks” and despise horror films. I know, I know! I love comedies and action and all the other genres, as you will most likely hear my quote from time to time. My memory is sometimes on the scary side of how much I can hold in my brain and recall at any given moment. This brings me to my next and probably biggest love, music. I LOVE MUSIC!!!!! If you catch me without my iPod on me, you have witnessed a miracle my friend. About two years ago I got rid of the secular music in my music library and only listened to Christian music and still do to this day. It has taken awhile, and has been an extremely hard process, but at the point I have 4,200 songs of music. I have kept bands such as Coldplay and John Mayer because, but other than that and maybe one or two more bands I have all Christian bands. I constantly am on the lookout for new bands and upcoming bands, so if you know of one PLEASE INTRODUCE! Other than massive scream like UnderOath or country, I love all music genres. If you are interested in any of my music, I would be more than happy to bless you with the files. My all time favorite band is Copeland! They are, by far, the best band ever to exist. If you don’t know them, TRUST ME YOU WILL!!!!

Another passion of mine that you will be introduced to is film. Israel Soler, aka my other half, and I have created a film team called Dead Witness Films that will be hopefully hitting PCC screens very soon. The meaning behind the name is simple. As followers of God, we are told to become dead to ourselves and pick up our cross on a daily basis. We want to die to what we want to do in our films and be in tune to with what God wants us to film. Through our films, we want to witness to the unsaved and hopefully give them the opportunity to give their life to the Lord. If not witnessing to the unsaved, then making films that will bring to light issues and such to the members of PCC. We will be recruiting some actors and actresses soon, so let either one of us know if you have an interest in participating. I have a big feeling that DWF is going to become something bigger than Israel and I even predict.

If I am not at school or work, I am usually behind my computer, the television, or hanging out with the amazing PCC family or my actual family. I work at Café Borrone on El Camino and Santa Cruz Ave. in Menlo Park. The BEST café in the area, so come in and get some amazing food! If you are a video gamer, hit me up and I’ll come over any time you want and get my game on. I love sports, and if I’m watching TV it is most likely on ESPN. My parents actually tell me to switch it because I watch it all the time. I love watching sports as well as playing them. I take every opportunity I can to play golf with my dad, which is one of my favorite things to do. I play basketball, softball, getting into soccer, and football. I’m gonna try to get on one of the SJSU teams when I get there, so maybe you guys can be my cheering section!!!!

Ok, as interesting as this ISN’T (LOL) I am going to leave the rest for you to personally get out of me. I am a very big talker and would love to talk your ear off, as well as listen to you. I am a very good listener, so anytime you need a talk just let me know.

Be well everyone! Hopefully I didn’t kill you with my story =)

Stay classy PCC!

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